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Concrete is an extremely versatile medium where an infinite palette of colors patterns and textures can be applied to create a
multitude of finishes ranging from the elegant residential to the industrial. Concrete can be Polished, Stained, Stamped,
Scored, Textured, and Sealed. A skilled installer can achieve beautiful results using a variety of techniques. At Sublime
Concrete Solutions, we specialize in all Decorative Concrete applications. Please take a look at our site, all of the pictures
you see, are of our work.
Polished concrete is the most durable, versatile and low maintenance interior
finish available on the market today. The concrete polishing process provides
a cost-effective flooring option that can accommodate tight budgets and
creative design. As such, it can be found in schools, retail stores, public
buildings, and malls, as well as high-traffic warehouses and industrial buildings.
Polishing allows old concrete floors to be rejuvenated, adding years of useful
life. (Floors subjected to foot traffic or forklift traffic perform equally well when
polished.) Color options range from industrial gray or natural earth tones, to
bold and eye-catching reds, blues, and greens.
bold and eye-catching reds, blues, and greens.
The cost of installing a polished concrete surface is similar to installing ceramic
tile or epoxy flooring. However when the cost of maintenance and the average
life expectancy is factored in, the cost is much lower.
Because polished concrete does not require the use of harsh chemicals during
its installation it is considered a green technology. Polished concrete also has
sustainable design features. In the case of existing buildings, this kind of
surface greatly reduces the impact of construction by 'recycling' an old floor.
Also, for new or old buildings,  polishing concrete produces little pollution and
uses non-toxic components (water-based, odorless chemical hardeners).
These benefits contribute toward the accreditation of buildings under the U.S.
Green Building Council's (USGBC's) Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design (LEED) rating system.
Click on this link, for a more detailed explanation of Polished Concrete and a
cost analysis comparing it to other popular flooring types.
Polished and colored Concrete
Stamped concrete is another example of the versatility of decorative
concrete. While it is mostly considered an outside application, it can
also be used indoors. Stamped concrete is very durable, will not flake
or peel and can be applied with an infinite variety of colors, patterns
and designs.

Stamped concrete is the closest thing to real stone that is available on
the market today. Yet, its cost is a fraction of the cost of stone. With
Stamped Concrete you can simulate Flagstone, Slate, Cobblestone,
Brick or virtually any stone that is used for flooring today. The most
important factor in simulating stone is color. After all, the most realistic
texture doesn’t matter if the coloring is unnatural. The coloring
systems that we use faithfully, imitate the color of stone.

In our application we can create a completely new surface by pouring
the concrete and stamping it, or we can go on top of an existing slab
and apply a thin overlay and stamp that. Economically and structurally
we can choose, together, what makes the most sense for a particular
For a more detailed explanation of what Stamped Concrete is and
how it compares to other products, please click this link.
Stained concrete is achieved by using the natural variation in the
color, density and chemical content of the existing concrete to
achieve a beautiful floor. In the case of a home that is being re-
modeled, we can apply a decorative concrete layer to cover
problems that exist in the current concrete to provide a beautiful,
durable finish.
With the proper design work, decorative concrete floors exude a
beauty and elegance unsurpassed by any other floor covering.
This is because concrete's receptivity to coloring methods, such
as acid staining, and its ability to be cut, patterned, stenciled,
polished, and impressed, make it possible to produce near exact
replicas of even the most expensive of building materials: granite,
marble, travertine, sandstone, and slate; as well as more common
materials, such as brick, cobblestone, and even wood.

Another great benefit of using decorative concrete flooring for
your home or business is the result in energy savings. This is due
to the “thermal mass” property of concrete, which means its high
capacity to absorb, store, and slowly release heat and coolness.
Concrete thermal mass moderates indoor temperature swings
and reduces the load on heating, ventilating and air conditioning

Stained concrete is an excellent alternative to carpet. It is easy to
clean and does not trap pollutants and pet dander. Stained
concrete provides an excellent environment for families with
allergies and pets. In summary stained concrete improves the
indoor air quality of your home, especially when compared to
Click on this link to see additional pictures of our work and to get
a more detailed explanation on Acid Staining.
Our Trowel down Concrete Overlay is a thin layer of
concrete that is applied by hand and textured to
resemble slate, flagstone or travertine (see picture on
left). This technique is applied on top of existing
concrete. It can be applied inside or outside, is extremely
durable and economical. The color and pattern
possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
This type of concrete flooring carries many of the same
benefits as our other floors. It is extremely durable,
flexible, has a low environmental impact, re-utilizes
existing materials, and beautiful
Click on this link to see
additional pictures and more details on this technique.
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Specialists in Decorative Concrete
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Specialists in Decorative Concrete
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